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Port Aventura Theme Park Ticket: The How, When And Where To Buy Your Ticket

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This page takes you step by step on how to choose and buy your Port Aventura Theme Park ticket. You see how much it costs and what the different tariffs are. We've also listed places where you can buy your theme park ticket and how to buy it, and you'll see tips for getting hold of cheaper tickets.

The Different Types Of Port Aventura Tickets Available

You can buy your tickets before you travel. This is a good idea because it works out cheaper and you also have more choice of ticket types.

The Price Of The Port Aventura Theme Park Ticket

Entry prices depend on the season. Season A is the dearest. The rest of the time it is Season B. An adult ticket is for people aged 11 to 59 years old. Junior tickets are for ages 4 to 10. Senior tickets are for aged 60 and over. Children under 4 can go in for free.

Season A: 20 June - 12 September

To pay in Spain or on the gate at the park the cost is as follows:

1 day ticket for an adult: €55.00
1 day ticket for a junior or senior: €48.00
2 consecutive day ticket for an adult: €73.00
2 consecutive day ticket for juniors and seniors: €64.00
Evening ticket for an adult: €24.00
Evening Ticket for juniors or seniors: €21.00

Different Places Where You Can Buy A Port Aventura Theme Park Ticket

You can buy your ticket before you travel online.

If you are already in Spain you can go directly to the park and buy your ticket there. Or you can ask at travel agencies as most sell tickets for attractions. Alternatively you can use one of the Servicaja machines. These are like cash point machines and you'll find them in some branches of La Caixa bank. Many of the services on the Servicaja machine are available in English, although with the purchase of the Port Aventura ticket, I found it defaulted back to Spanish half way through the purchase.

If you speak Spanish and want to use the machine, you will have to put your card in and the machine will debit you for whatever tickets you buy and print them out there and then.

Useful Tips For Buying A Port Aventura Theme Park Ticket

If you want to visit the park during July and August don't leave it to the last minute to buy the ticket. Try to get hold of tickets before you travel to ensure that the park isn't full.

If you are planning to buy a ticket from a travel agency in Spain remember that they close for siesta.

You can buy Port Aventura Theme Park Tickets either before you travel to Spain or at various places in Spain. If you are staying in one of the Port Aventura hotels then entry into the theme park will be included in the price. To get the best priced tickets buy them before you travel.

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