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Review Of Port Aventura Theme Park Rides For Children

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The Tomahawk Rollercoaster Is Ideal For Children
The Tomahawk Rollercoaster Is Ideal For Children

This page is about the Port Aventura Theme Park rides that are suitable for children. Port Aventura is a huge theme park in the Costa Daurada that makes a great day out for all the family. Here you can see information about some of the rides that are designed for younger children, along with photos.

Inside the park you'll see that each ride has a wooden information board at its entrance. There is a mark on the board which says how tall you have to be to go on the ride. This is to ensure safety. In this way, small children can be sure that they are only allowed on the rides that are safe for them.

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Port Aventura Theme Park Rides For Children

There Is A Merry-Go-Round In The 'Far West' For Children
There Is A Merry-Go-Round In The 'Far West' For Children

The park is divided into zones that represent different countries, and in each zone there are children's rides and entertainments. You'll see cuddly characters darting about in the crowds or passing by in cartoon-like cars. It's quite entertaining whatever your age! Woody Woodpecker can be spotted if you've got a sharp eye, and he'll even have his photo taken with the children.

Carrousel is a Port Aventura theme park ride for children and you'll find it in the Far West area of the park. It's a traditional merry-go-round with horses that rise up and down. It's gentle and not at all frightening for the little ones.

Near the Grand Canyon Rapids there's a point where you can shoot water pistols at the people on the ride. It's great fun as your targets are sitting ducks. It's fun to pick out the people who have managed to stay dry throughout the rapids ride and give them a good soaking!

Tomahawk is a rollercoaster specially designed for the children. It has gentle slopes and twists and seemed to be very popular with the kids during my visit. This ride is in the 'Far West' zone of the park.

Armadillos is a great ride for children. They sit in seats similar to the waltzer and spin around on ground level. This ride is in 'Mexico' within Port Aventura.

There Are Plenty Of Fun Activities Apart From The Rides, Like These Water Pistols
There Are Plenty Of Fun Activities Apart From The Rides, Like These Water Pistols

Serpiente Emplumada is also a good option for children. This serpent is at the foot of the towering Hurakan Condor ride, and is far less scary. You sit in a car at the end of the tentacles and go round and round while being lifted up and down.

The Area Infantil in China is especially dedicated to the little ones. You'll find balloons, kites and games for young children.

Canoes are available in the zone of Polynesia. Children are allowed to travel in the canoes through the rivers and lakes of the park. This part of the park is particularly attractive as it is designed in a tropical style.

Shows In Port Aventura

As well as the Port Aventura theme park rides there are shows throughout the day and night. Each zone has a few shows. In China there are puppet shows, in Polynesia there is music and traditional dance in Polynesian style. The Far West has shoots outs and a variety show and in Mexico there's more dance. You can get information about the times of the shows from the customer information office to the right as you enter the park.

There are hundreds of Port Aventura theme park rides, and many of them are for children. There are also cartoon characters for the little one to have their photo taken with, and plenty of shows to keep them amused.

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