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How To Travel To Port Aventura in Spain

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Inside Port Aventura Theme Park, Spain
Inside Port Aventura Theme Park, Spain
This page tells you how to get to port Aventura by road, rail or plane.

For a full overview to Port Aventura theme park including rides and tickets see the

Private Transfers to / from Salou

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The routes by road are given for access from different parts of Spain along with details naming the road you should take. There are also links to other pages about the theme park.

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Where Is Port Aventura?

Port aventura lies near the coast of Spain next to a town called Salou in the province of Cataluña. The nearest big town is Tarragona (10 km away) and the nearest city is Barcelona.(100 km).

Travelling To Port Aventura Spain By Plane

The closest airport is Reus airport. It is 10 minutes away from Port Aventura. When you leave the airport follow signs for the AP7 motorway.

Girona airport is 2 hours drive away from Port Aventura, and Barcelona airport is 1 hour away. From both cities you can take the AP7 motorway.

Tip The AP7 motorway is a toll motorway so have some cash ready to pay when you exit. As a rough guide, for a journey of an hour on the AP7 you'll pay the following fee.
Toll fee: €9.25

Travelling By Road: How To Drive To Port Aventura From Other Parts Of Spain

This Ride Is Visible For Miles, So It's Something To Look Out For When You Are Driving To The Park
This Ride Is Visible For Miles, So It's Something To Look Out For When You Are Driving To The Park

Get on the AP-7 if you are travelling from La Jonquera or southern Spain. At exit 35 (salida or sortida) you'll see a sign for PortAventura. The road leads straight to the park.

If you are coming from Barcelona or El Vendrell take the C-32 and then join the AP7.

From Zaragaoza you'll need the AP2, and then get on the AP7 from there and head south.

-Other major road links include the N-240 (Tarragona-Lleida), T-11 (Tarragona-Teruel), and N-340 (Barcelona-Valencia), as well as the secondary roads that link the towns of the Costa Daurada region.

Tip Port Aventura has a very tall theme park ride that is visible from miles away. If you think you are driving the wrong way then scan the skyline to see if you can see the ride sticking up.

If you are coming from the nearby town of Reus, you can get a map from the tourist information office in Reus that has Port Aventura marked on it. The easiest way to get there is to get on the AP7 motorway in the direction of Valencia, and carry on until you see the exit that leads directly to Port Aventura. You will only be on the motorway for about 10 minutes, but this exit off the motorway is easier to find than following the smaller roads.

Travelling By Rail: How To Get To Port Aventura By Train

PortAventura has its own station with regular trains that come from all major stations including Barcelona.

Timetables on the official Renfe website

Port Aventura is a well-known theme park on the coast of Spain in the Catalonian region. By car it is easiest to find from the AP7 motorway. Or you can arrive by train directly into the park. It has 3 airports within 3 hours drive, making it easily accessible for tourists.

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