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The Price Of Real Estate In Salou

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Maridian Cabrera Can Answer Your Questions About Real Estate In Salou
Maridian Cabrera Can Answer Your Questions About Real Estate In Salou
For this page about Real Estate in Salou, we chatted to a local agency about the property market in the area. You can read here the agent's answers to our questions about property price, demand and the most sought after locations. There's also details of future development plans for Salou.

I interviewed Maridian Cabrera in the Real Estate Agency 'Servicios Inmobilarios Costa Dorada' near to the port area in Salou.

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Real Estate In The Different Areas In And Around Salou

Salou can be divided into the beachfront, the area between the beachfront and Port Aventura, and the Cap Salou, which is the area 10 minutes drive north of Salou. There are also, the towns of Cambrils and Pineda. Cambrils and Pineda within 15 - 20 minutes drive which are still tourist towns but they don't attract tourists in search of hectic nightlife as Salou does.

I asked Maridian about which areas are the most expensive in Salou.

"All areas are more or less the same price, except the beachfront, which costs more. There is still space left on the beachfront, and there are new buildings being built. There's a high demand for these, and so the prices are higher."

I visited the area of Cap Salou and found it very green and natural. Although in my experience it looked like a prime site for more houses to be constructed, so I asked Maridian if she knew of any building plans.

"Yes, there's a big project planned for 3 golf courses and 2,800 new houses. It's a very nice area, and the prices are more or less the same as for Salou town. Although I'm not sure when the houses will be built, but I suppose it will be soon!"

The Price Of Buying Property In Salou

Typical Apartments In The Cap Salou Area
Typical Apartments In The Cap Salou Area

And what would the price be, for example, for a 3 bedroomed house near the beach in Salou?

"For a property of 400m2 you'll pay approximately €500,000. That's for second hand. The cheapest property you can get in Salou is a studio and that would cost about €50000.00. You can pay up to €150000.00 if you want a really nice second hand apartment."

"If you want a new build you'll pay the same for an apartment as you would for a second hand villa."

What Services Do Real Estate Agents Typically Offer?

Real Estate Agents will take you to view properties that match your budget and requirements. They can act as an intermediary between you and the owner. They can give some legal advice and usually have connections with property lawyers who can take care of the paperwork involved in buying property for you and advise you about getting a mortgage in Spain.

Maridian says, "We can serve people in many languages; French, German, English. It's not a problem. We also have lawyers that we work with. We have over 100 resale properties on our books and details of all the new developments in the area."

Outside the Real Estate office where Maridian works are also brochures with details of properties for sale inside. This is useful as a guide to the up to date prices in Salou.

The agent we spoke to in Salou told us about new developments that are planned for the area, including 3 golf courses. New properties are more expensive but you can still easily find resale properties. The most expensive zone is near the beach.

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