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Costa Dorada Maps That Feature Salou

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This page features reviews of Costa Dorada maps of Salou and the surrounding areas. There are several maps that are available to buy below together with a description of what information you can gain from them and how user-friendly they are.

You will also find an online map below that enables you to zoom in and out to obtain as much detail as you need for your trip to Salou and the surrounding area.

Private Transfers to / from Salou

More Information Private Transfer from Reus Airport to / from Salou

Click here for a detailed street map of Costa Dorada

Maps Of The Costa Dorada, Spain

Costa Brava/Costa Dorada Map by Nelles Verlag
Scale 1:400,000/1:1,250,000.

This is a really useful map because it has lots of points of tourist interest marked on it including camp sites, caves, golf courses, beaches, ancient sites and mountains and parks. It also helps you find your way around because all the train stations, ferry routes and airports are marked.

This Costa Dorada map features Salou and it's in colour. The paper is treated so that you can refold it as many times as you like and it shouldn't split, fray or tear. There's also detailed city maps of Tarragona and Barcelona.

Costa Dorada Berlitz Holiday Map
Berlitz Publishing Company Ltd

Berlitz have produced a handy, easy to read map. As it's specially designed for holiday-makers you'll find it has useful information such as where the beaches are. This is a good map to use if you are visiting Salou and the surrounding area.

Costa Brava (Michelin Zoom Maps)
1cm = 1.3 km

This map covers the area north of Salou. It's very useful if you want to travel up to Barcelona or Girona. It's easy to read and follow.

Firestone T27 Costa Dorada Tourist Map
1 - 200,000 scale

This map covers the Costa Dorada from Oropesa to Tarragon and Reus. This includes Salou. You'll see street maps for Tarragona, Reus and Salou. This Costa Dorada map with Salou is double sided and folds up so you can carry it easily in your bag.

There are several Costa Dorada maps that include Salou. It's a good idea to buy one as they also cover the surrounding areas and can be very useful if you want to drive to some of the nearby cities like Barcelona or Tarragona.

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