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Discount Hotels In Salou

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This page has details of 2 one star Salou discount hotels, and 2 one star 'pensiones' or Guest Houses. There are contact details and a short description of the location of each hotel or Guest House. There's also a link to a page detailing 2 star accommodation in Salou and contact information for the tourist information office, who can supply you with a booklet listing more accommodation in Salou.

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Below are the contact details of two 1 Star hotels in Salou:

Hotel El Reco
Carrer Vaporet, 8
43840 Salou, Tarragona, España.


Tel: +34 97 737 0216

This Salou discount hotel is a 15 minute drive out of Salou in the direction of Pineda. It is in the hilltop area known as Cap Salou. This is a peaceful area filled with pine trees.

Tip There are plans for future developments here so always check to see if building works have started.

To get to this hotel from the centre of Salou it's 15 minutes by car or taxi.

Hotel Niza
Carrer Barcelona, 23
43840 Salou, Tarragona, España.


This is a Salou discount hotel in an excellent location if you want to be near the centre of nightlife and shopping, but not close enough to have to tolerate the noise. It is right next to the train station and so you will hear the trains coming past but they're not too frequent or noisy. I stayed in a hotel on the opposite side of the train track and I wasn't disturbed by the trains.

It's 5 minutes walk to the Llevant beach and 15 - 20 minutes walk to the commercial centre.

Two Pensiones In The Street Next To The Train Station
Two Pensiones In The Street Next To The Train Station

Try A Pension For Salou Discount Accommodation

Another option if you're looking for a Salou discount hotel is to stay in a 'pension' or guest house.

1 star guest houses are very basic and you can expect a bed, wardrobe and either an en-suite bathroom or shared bathroom.

Below are details of 1 star pensiones in Salou:

Pensió Venecia Montecarlo
Carril, 5
43840 Salou, España.


Tel: +34 97 738 0497

This Salou discount hotel is on the street next to the railway station. The trains aren't too noisy when they pass. The street leads onto Calle Barcelona which has plenty of shops and banks. It's a 5 minute walk to the Llevant beach and a 15 - 20 minute walk to the main commercial centre where you'll also find nightlife.

Where To find A List Of Salou Discount Hotels

There's a booklet and map available from the tourist information office that lists Salou discount hotels.

How to contact the tourist information for a list of contact details for hotels in Salou

Staying in a Salou discount hotel can save you money, although it will be basic. Discount hotels are available both in the centre of Salou and in the nearby area known as Cap Salou which is a more tranquil zone.

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