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5 Star Hotel In Salou?

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Are there any 5 Star Hotels in Salou? After asking this question to the tourist information and searching through accommodation brochures, I discovered that there aren't any 5 star hotels in Salou! The highest star rating you can find is 4 star. This page gives advice on what type of accommodation to look for if you are searching for a high standard of accommodation.

Find Out What 4 Star Hotels In Salou Are Like

There are a few 4 star hotels in Salou. Typically these hotels offer either room only, bed and breakfast, half board or full board. They have communal swimming pools, restaurant and café-bar and entertainment programmes. Through the link below you can access reviews of 4 star hotels in Salou together with pricing information.

4 star hotels in Salou

The Nearest 5 Star Hotel Is In Tarragona

There is a 5 star hotel and spa north of the city of Tarragona.

Le Méridien RA Beach Hotel & SPA
Avenida Sanatori, 1
43880 El Vendrell, Tarragona, España.


To drive from this hotel to Salou takes approximately 1 hour by car.

Why A Villa Rental Can be A Good Alternative To A 5 Star Hotel In Salou

A Villa Can Be A Good Alternative To A 5 Star Hotel
A Villa Can Be A Good Alternative To A 5 Star Hotel

A rental villa can offer you the luxury of a private pool and garden. Many rental villas are houses that have been kept in the family for generations and have benefited for years of TLC. I have seen villas that have beautiful features like stone-built fireplaces and BBQs, and good quality furnishings.

In a rental villa you may not have a spa as you probably would in a 5 star hotel in Salou, but if you shop around you can find a rental villa with a hydro-massage bath or sometimes a Jacuzzi. You can also find rental villas in the countryside which gives you the benefit of peace and tranquillity and nice views.

Why Renting An Apartment Can Be A Good Alternative To A 5 Star

An apartment rental can offer you more space than if you book a hotel room. This can be a luxury if you have children as they have more freedom to run around if you have an apartment.

The facilities in an apartment can be of equal standard to those in a 5 star hotel in Salou. Ask agencies that offer apartment rentals to show you their top of the range accommodation. It's also possible to find apartments on the seafront which give you excellent sea views.

Apartments available in Salou

There are no 5 star hotels in Salou, but there are alternatives to consider, such as renting a villa or an apartment. Both options can offer you more privacy, and with a villa, you can get a private pool and garden. An apartment can offer more space than a hotel which is a bonus if you have children.

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