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Port Aventura Salou: What You Can Look Forward To

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This page contains a brief overview of facilities at Port Aventura, Salou. There are links to pages that describe the rides and an article that explains how to get hold of a ticket.

Port Aventura is a really good place to visit for all age groups because there are rides for small children and enormous terrifying rides for anyone who is feeling brave! Port Aventura has the worlds only wooden double track rollercoaster, and it boasts 'Hurakan Condor' an enormous ride that drops you in a free-fall from 330 feet up. Thrill seekers will definitely enjoy the Dragon khan ride that has 8 inverted loops and travels up to 60 mph.

This Building Is In The Mexican Zone Of The Port Aventura Theme Park
This Building Is In The Mexican Zone Of The Port Aventura Theme Park

More detail about the rides at Port Aventura

The Port Aventura Theme Park is divided into zones that are each in the theme of a different country. You'll find the Mediterranean, Polynesia, China, Mexico and the Far West.

Each area has restaurants and shops that follow its theme, and the rides are all designed in a style in keeping with the 'country' they are in.

Minibus transfers from Reus airport

More Information Minibus transfer from Reus Airport to / from Salou.

Private transfers from Reus airport

More Information Private transfer from Reus airport to / from Salou.

How To Buy A Ticket For Port Aventura

You can buy tickets at the park itself, or you can purchase them in advance from some travel agencies or hotel receptions. There are various tickets that are valid for different periods of time.

Port Aventrua Ticket Prices
Period: April - October
1 Day Adult Ticket: €48.00

How to buy a ticket for Port Aventura and about the different types of ticket available.

Purchase you PortAventura tickets in advance of your visit.

How To Travel To Port Aventura From Salou

The travel time by car to Port Aventura from Salou is 15 - 20 minutes depending on the traffic.

Directions for getting to Port Aventura from Salou

Opening Hours

The park is open all year round (opening hours depend on the day). In July, August and September they have special nights when they open until midnight. This is a nice time to visit if you want to see the decorative lighting, and admission is cheaper if you go at night.

Opening hours: 10:00 - 19:00 and 10:00 - 23:00

Opening hours for Port Aventura Salou

Port Aventura Salou is a great day out for all age groups. There are rides to suit even the small children. You can buy a ticket in advance or on the gate, and during the summer season you can also visit the park at night and see its illuminations.

How to purchase you PortAventura tickets in advance of your visit

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