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Why Choosing An Apartment For Your Holiday In Salou Can Save You Money

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This page contains an interview with a family who were enjoying an apartment holiday in Salou. They explain about the benefits of renting an apartment as opposed to staying in a hotel. Find out how they found their apartment, how much they paid and their reasons for choosing it.

Tony Bishop and his wife Sharon agreed to talk to me about their holiday apartment in Salou. They have 2 children, and they have rented a 2 bedroomed apartment not far from Salou beach area.


Sharon says: "It's great for the kids because we're only a stone's throw from the beach and that keeps them happy. And we can come and go as we like from the apartment without having to worry about leaving the key in reception like you do in a hotel."

"I always forget to leave it in the hotel." Says Tony. "Then I remember when I'm on the beach and have to go running back to take it."

Sharon says that an apartment is the best idea if you have a family.
"You're all together in an apartment. Sometimes in a hotel, they don't have a family room, and I want to be near my kids when I'm on holiday. I don't want them stuck in some other room! And you've got more room. There's the bedrooms, the sitting room and the kitchen and bathrooms. It's like a home from home really."

Tony explains why an apartment can be a cheaper option.

"We are renting this holiday apartment for €300.00 for the week. Now I reckon with the money we're saving by not eating out all the time, well - it definitely works out less than a hotel. And we can have breakfast at whatever time we want in our own apartment. You can't do that in a hotel. When you've got a family of four, all those mouths to feed adds up, you know! The supermarkets are quite cheap here, so we prefer to buy in the food and cook it up at home. Look! I'm saying 'home!' - see how comfortable I feel here!"

How To Find An Apartment Holiday In Salou

The family are obviously happy with their choice, but how did they look for the apartment?

"We searched on the internet." Says Tony. "I found an agent that was based locally in Salou, and figured that they were the best people to book with. They're on the spot - they've got local knowledge. We chose the apartment off the internet and then paid by credit card. I think we could've paid by bank transfer as well. And we had to give a cash deposit of a couple of hundred euros when we arrived, to the agency. We get that back when we leave, providing we don't break anything!"

The Benefits Of Booking An Apartment Holiday In Salou

"We chose this holiday apartment was because it's close to all the shops and the beach. That way we're all happy, and as well, if we want to eat out, then there are restaurants near too. When you've got the kids, and it's hot, you don't want to be bothered with traipsing miles to get to places. You need everything close."

"What I really like is that you've got TV, your own kitchen, and space to spread out a bit. I also like that I don't have to worry about cleaning the flat! A couple of girls come in once or twice a week with their mops and brushes - it's great!"

Tony says, "I would recommend renting an apartment to all families visiting Salou. It gives you independence. You do what you want when you want. That's my kind of holiday!"

The Bishop family are very happy with their apartment holiday in Salou. They enjoy the freedom it gives them to come and go as they please and they like the fact that they have plenty of space to move around. In their opinion, an apartment rental works out cheaper for a family of four, than staying in a hotel and eating out.

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